Roast lamb in a roasting pan
Coat Lamb In Dijon Before It Gets In The Oven For Juicer Meat With A Tasty Crust
In her mustard-crusted rack of lamb recipe, Tasting Table recipe developer Christina Musgrave uses Dijon mustard for a savory crust on the meat that helps hold in its moisture.
The mustard coating helps other seasonings and herbs adhere to the lamb. The rub melds with the lamb's juices as it roasts, forming a flavorful outer layer.
The spicy, tangy taste of Dijon comes from a blend of mustard seeds and verjus, a tart grape product. Its bright, sharp heat and acidity contrasts with and complements rich lamb.
Musgrave makes the crust by seasoning the rack of lamb with salt and pepper, then generously applying the Dijon mustard on the outside, ensuring it evenly coats the exterior.
Following this, a mixture of minced garlic, thyme, and oregano, combined with a touch of olive oil, is firmly pressed onto the mustard-coated surface of the meat.
The lamb is roasted at a high temperature until its internal temperature reads 145 degrees Fahrenheit on a thermometer, and the heat has produced a perfect browned crust.