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Clam Juice Is The Secret To Flavorful Shrimp
Shrimp is the most approachable shellfish for the home cook, since they’re easy to prepare and have the versatility to be paired with rice, pasta, veggies, and more. While you don’t need much to make shrimp delicious, there is one unconventional ingredient that can make them taste even more ocean-fresh: clam juice.
Clam juice is the strained and bottled leftover liquid from steaming a batch of clams in salted water, giving it a strong oceanic flavor and brightness that gives seafood a more distinct character compared to using just salt. Just know that you'll need to dial back the salt called for in your shrimp recipe to keep the balance.
Try adding a couple of tablespoons of clam juice to a pan of simmering shrimp, or you can boil your shrimp in nothing but clam juice. This flavorful product can also be incorporated into a sauce you plan to pair with your shrimp, or you can use to add depth to bright and acidic shrimp ceviche or a refreshing shrimp salad.