Ripe oranges with halves and slices with orange tree leaves randomly falling or levitating on a white background
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Citrus Is All You Need To Save Undrinkable Wine
The combo of citrus fruits and bad wine can create a surprisingly good aperitif. Add even more flavorings, and you can turn a waste of money into something far more drinkable.
Vin d'orange, a French aperitif, can be made with cheap wine, oranges, lemons, vodka, sugar, and a vanilla bean. It can also serve as a template for other creations.
Vin d'orange can be customized with citrus fruits besides oranges, such as grapefruit, lemons, mandarins, limes, and even kumquats. Try experimenting with herbs as well.
The only caveat is that it takes about 40 days of infusing to make this drink. If you have an insipid bottle of wine, start infusing it ASAP and you'll thank yourself later.