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Circles Are Key To A More Advanced Omelet Cooking Technique
The most common way to cook an omelet involves mixing the eggs, tossing in some fillings, cooking it in one layer, folding the omelet, and digging in. This technique is simple and fast, but for more delicious, evenly-cooked omelets with just a little more concentration involved, follow this technique that's all about circles.
The trick to preparing an advanced version of the omelet is to cook the eggs by moving them in circles with a spatula. Once your eggs are in the skillet, stir the eggs in a circular motion, beginning with small circles in the center and moving outwards; after the eggs set into curds, lift up your skillet and tap it on the stovetop to create an even base.
This advanced technique will ensure a flawless, evenly-cooked egg base that is easy to fold, but not overcooked. After creating the perfect omelet bed, try adding high-quality fillings like ham and cheese, spinach and parmesan, or mushrooms and chives, then fold the eggs over into the classic half-moon shape to keep your fillings nicely intact.