Uncooked raw sea bass fish with thyme on blue background
Cinnamon Is The Secret To Stop Splattering When Cooking Fish
Oil splatters that happen while pan-frying fish seem unavoidable, but adding powdered cinnamon to the pan can help keep your stove clean and your hands safe.
Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your hot oil may not eliminate splatters completely, but the powdered spice will soak up oil and noticeably lessen the sizzling and popping.
The amount of cinnamon is very little, but if you're worried about the fish or other foods taking on the spice's flavor, toss a sprinkle of salt into the pan for a similar effect.
Using the right cooking oil for your recipe can also eliminate unpredictable behavior when it's time to get cooking. Use these tips so you can wield hot oil with confidence.