Assorted cocktails on a wooden table
Christmas Mojitos Are A Creamier Take On The Classic Drink
Festive, on-theme cocktails can bring any holiday party to life. If mojitos are your favorite summer cocktail, you need to try this Christmas variation.
A typical mojito is made of rum, lime juice, sugar, soda, and mint. By simply swapping the rum and soda for coconut rum and coconut milk, you have a creamier, wintery cocktail.
The resulting drink has a delicate creaminess that pairs well with the lime's tangy zest and the mint's herbaceous aroma, adding a sunny vibrance to any holiday festivity.
Start by muddling the mint, lime, and sugar. Then stir in the coconut rum and coconut milk, and top with club soda, fresh mint, cranberries, or pomegranate arils.
You can even take the drink up a notch with coconut cream for extra richness, or use coconut water instead of coconut milk for a lighter version.