An omelette filled with ham and cheese
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Chopsticks Are The Only Tool You Need To Prepare An Omelet
An omelet can stand on its own as a satisfying meal, but only if you cook it properly. To make the perfect omelet, you need to pay attention to your cooking temperature, technique, ingredients, and your cooking tools, and for the simplest omelet ever, try passing on spatulas, spoons, or forks in favor of chopsticks.
If you're good at holding chopsticks, you can use them to make your omelet from start to finish, from scrambling the eggs to breaking up the curds to folding them. With chopsticks, you don't have to move and tilt the pan constantly, since you can move and pull the egg mixture around manually, putting less strain on your wrists.
Use cooking chopsticks, which will be 13 to 17 inches long, unlacquered, reusable, and made from wood or bamboo. Use the chopsticks to stir and scramble the eggs like you would with a fork or whisk, add salt, pepper, and seasonings, then add to the pan, where the bottom layer of the eggs will cook first.
Use the chopsticks to stir and break up the curds of egg and gently scramble them until the whole layer is set. You can then run the chopsticks underneath the edge of the omelet to loosen it from the pan, then grab the edge of the layer of egg with both chopsticks to fold or roll your omelet, trapping the yummy fillings inside.