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Chocotorta: The Argentinian No-Bake Cake Uses Only 4 Ingredients
Summer is winding down, but there’s still time to fit in one last hot-weather treat, and chocotorta, a layered, no-bake chocolate cake, is the perfect chilled dessert for your final celebration. Hailing from Argentina, this cake is a go-to semi-homemade sweet for any occasion, but you will need some special ingredients.
The recipe for chocotorta hinges on Chocolinas, a thin chocolate cookie that is ubiquitous in South America. While the cookies are forgettable on their own, in chocotorta, they’re soaked in coffee and then layered with cream cheese and dulce de leche, creating a delicious treat with just four ingredients.
To make chocotorta, you’ll need to buy Chocolinas and some dulce de leche online or at your local Latin grocery store, but once you have the ingredients, it’s a piece of cake. You can even get creative and soak your Chocolinas in chocolate milk, or add some Kahlua to the coffee for a boozier celebration.