Hand stirring pot of melted chocolate with wooden spoon
Chocolate-Dipped Rolled Phyllo Dough Is An Easy Crowd-Pleasing Dessert
Phyllo dough is a delicate, paper-thin pastry dough. For a crowd-pleasing dessert that comes together quickly, consider making chocolate-dipped rolled phyllo dough.
Start by brushing a layer of butter onto your defrosted, room-temperature phyllo dough. Then, cut each sheet in half lengthwise and divide each half into five strips.
Roll each strip into a cylinder and spray them with cooking spray before coating them in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Bake the rolls for a few minutes until they puff up.
Once cool, simply dip them in your preferred melted chocolate. The resulting dessert is bite-sized with a light texture, slight crunch, and satisfying sweet flavor.
To ensure the best desserts, use the dough as soon as it defrosts, and ensure your hands are dry to avoid the dough sticking. If any cracks appear, use butter as a quick patch.