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Chocolate Chip Cookie Brands Ranked Worst To Best
15. Lenny & Larry's
Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie: Chocolate Chip was unpleasant since it was bland and dry. Everyone agreed that any leftover product should be thrown away, with one even calling it "an insult to the word cookie," and that, aside from the so-called cookie's lack of basic palatability, it might not even be that healthy.
14. Partake
Partake’s Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookies have a nice, appropriately crunchy texture, but they didn't have all that much flavor and could definitely use some more chocolate chips. If you are looking for a vegan cookie or need to avoid gluten or other allergens, give this one a try, but the rest of you have better options.
13. Simple Mills
Made from simple vegan ingredients, Simple Mills chocolate chip cookies are a healthier snack brand than other cookie products on the market. They may be a good option for health-conscious individuals, but they lack that rich, buttery, chocolaty goodness that we ‌expect when biting into a chocolate chip cookie.
12. HighKey
HighKey cookies are notable for being Keto-friendly, with only 1 gram of net carbs and 0 grams of sugar per bag, but they are still sweet because of ‌erythritol, a low-calorie, natural sweetener. Our major criticism of these cookies was that they could use some more chocolate, and left a somewhat unpleasant after-taste.
11. Grandma's
Grandma's cookies are super sweet (possibly too sweet for some), offer a respectable ratio of chocolate chips, and come in convenient grab-and-go packaging. They certainly don't taste homemade, but they might just satisfy your sweet tooth in a pinch.