Chocolate Brands, Ranked Worst To Best
Food - Drink
20. Esthechoc
While Esthechoc has all the positive benefits of consuming chocolate, including support of skin metabolism and antioxidants, we are most concerned about the taste of the products. It tastes healthier, but it's not the first chocolate we would reach for when heading back for seconds.
19. Whittaker's
Whittaker's is known for being a high-end candy brand, but the taste is worth the price if you are able to swing it. The only reason Whittaker's landed lower on our list is due to the price to ship for consumers outside of Australia or New Zealand.
18. Cadbury
While we believe the Cadbury Creme Eggs are pretty delicious, the other products do not quite compare in our taste test. We feel like other chocolate brands are better tasting and affordable, hence our lower ranking of Cadbury.
17. Russell Stover
Overall, we feel like Russell Stover is just OK, as the fillings are a little too sweet and are covered by a thin layer of chocolate. However, Russel Stover has an extensive selection of product offerings, including a wide range of sugar-free chocolate options.
16. Nestlé
In the US, Nestlé's most popular chocolate bars are Butterfinger and Toll House Cookie Dough. These bars and other Nestlé products are delicious but not made with the world's finest chocolates, and their incredible sweetness and artificial flavorings contribute to our lower score.