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Chilaquiles: The Mexican Breakfast Dish That Makes Good Use Of Leftovers
The name of the Mexican dish "chilaquiles" has roots in the Aztec Nahuatl language, a rough combination of "chīlī," meaning "chile," and "aquīlli," meaning "something put in." This name fits the dish of tortillas simmered in a delicious sauce, and before refrigeration, chilaquiles were also a way for the working class to repurpose leftover tortillas.
Though chilaquiles can be customized almost infinitely, the dish is simply composed of leftover tortillas that are fried or toasted and simmered with salsa, then topped with any number of add-ons. Whether you're just using up leftovers or planning to serve chilaquiles at a special occasion, there's really no ingredient that's off-limits.
Three popular kinds of chilaquiles are chilaquiles rojos, made with red tomato salsa, chilaquiles verdes, made with green tomatillo salsa, and chilaquiles blanco, made with a creamy, cheesy salsa. Meat, avocado, cheese, onions, beans, and even eggs can be used to delicious effect in chilaquiles, clearing out your fridge in one fell swoop.