Cheesy omelet on a plate with a fork
Cheesy Omelet Roll-Ups Are The Best Way To Save Leftover Fries
You can reheat leftover fries in the oven or an air fryer, but you can also make them way tastier by using them as a filling in a cheesy omelet roll-up.
Any kind of fries will do for an omelet roll-up, but it's crucial to reheat them before adding them to the cooking omelet, since cold fries will result in a tepid final product.
Pick a cheese that melts well, like American, cheddar, or gouda, and feel free to add herbs and spices as well. 2-3 eggs per roll-up is best, as more makes the roll-up too big.
Pour your beaten eggs into a heated pan, and once they set into a firmer layer, add the cheese. Once the cheese begins to melt, add the fries and fold the sides around the filling.
You can add additional cheese, vegetables, meat, or anything else you desire to these roll-ups. They're an easy breakfast that lets you save even soggy or lackluster fries.