A plate of cheesy green beans
Cheesy Canned Green Beans Are A Winning Weeknight Dinner Enhancement
A basic can of green beans seems boring, but with a few extra ingredients, you can turn the beans into a side dish that could be mistaken for a menu item at a restaurant.
A great way to instantly take plain green beans up a notch by adding cheese, especially an aged Parmesan or a sharp Asiago that adds contrast to the mild vegetable.
Start by cooking the canned green beans in butter, then simply top them with generous shavings of cheese. Add salt to taste and perhaps your favorite seasoning or herbs.
Garlic and onion powder are good flavor boosters, while bacon bits add some crunch. For a hotter, spicier flavor, add some hot sauce or cayenne pepper to the dish.
To make this side dish fancier while also keeping things effortless, sprinkle on some toasted walnuts or almonds, and finish with some lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil.