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Cheese Slippers Are A Can't-Miss Kansas City Comfort Food
Cheese slippers might sound like an odd item of clothing, but they're actually a doughy, delightful comfort food that has roots in Kansas City. The dish is made with a base of rustic ciabatta bread, and "ciabatta" is the Italian word for "slipper," which explains the fun name of this deliciously cheesy Missouri icon.
At their simplest, cheese slippers consist of a freshly baked loaf of ciabatta covered in an abundance of cheeses. Local herbs and seasonal produce are often mixed into the dough, and the slippers can be loaded with all sorts of toppings including heirloom tomatoes, eggs, or even classic Kansas-style barbecued meats.
Fred Spompinato, owner of Fervere Bread Company in Kansas City’s Westside, began selling cheese-laden ciabatta — with the bread baked in-house, of course — over a decade ago. Affectionately dubbed cheese slippers, this smash-hit snack is as popular as ever, even though Spompinato sold the bakery in 2015.
You don’t need to make the trip to Fervere Bread Company if you want to try some delicious cheese slippers for yourself, since this snack is easy to make at home. Simply whip up some homemade ciabatta dough for the most authentic results, grate a bunch of cheese, and go crazy with your favorite herbs and vegetables.