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Cheese Rolls: New Zealand's Nostalgic Afternoon Snack
When it comes to comfort food, nothing goes better together than carbs and cheese, from mac and cheese to pizza to cultural staples like New Zealand’s cheese rolls. Made with white bread that’s toasted with butter until golden, and filled with a gooey cheddar cheese sauce, these cheese rolls pack a punch of flavor thanks to its secret ingredient: onion soup powder.
Cheese rolls are popular throughout New Zealand, but they’re particularly significant in the Southland, where they debuted in the 1930s as a children’s school snack. Today cheese rolls are popular among all age ranges, and of all the delicious food offered in the Southland, cheese rolls remain one of the most popular options.
Classic cheese rolls require few ingredients, including white sandwich bread, grated cheddar cheese, evaporated milk, and onion soup powder. The bread needs to be flexible enough to roll up tightly, while the evaporated milk makes the cheese extra creamy, and the onion soup, while optional, adds a rich flavor.
Making Cheese Rolls
To make proper cheese rolls, combine and heat your cheese sauce ingredients in a pan on the stove, and once mixed, spread the sauce onto slices of white bread. Then roll your slices of bread, butter the outside, and heat until golden and crisp; once ready, cheese rolls make a great snack or quick lunch.