Multiple cans of sardines and tuna
Change Up Banh Mi Sandwiches With Canned Sardines
Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich of a crunchy baguette filled with Southeast Asian delicacies. It can be hard to find or make these classic fillings, so try sardines instead.
Everything from lemongrass chicken to Vietnamese-style deli meats are common in banh mi, but the variety banh mi ca moi uses sardines canned in tomato sauce.
The sardines and tomato sauce add a lovely tanginess that nicely complements the classic pickled carrots, pickled daikon radish, and cilantro in the sandwich.
When making the sandwich at home, make sure to buy sardines canned in tomato sauce rather than oil or water. If you're stumped, try looking in an Asian grocery store.
You can also head to an Asian market to find the most authentic banh mi bread, which is similar to a regular French baguette, but made with rice flour for an extra crunchy texture.
Make your pickled carrots and daikon by slicing them into matchsticks and pickling them with ½ cup water, ¼ cup vinegar, a tablespoon of sugar, and two teaspoons of salt.
After a few days, when your pickled veggies are ready, assemble your delicious sandwich with mayo, heated-up sardines, pickles, cilantro, and optional sliced jalapeños.