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Cantonese Whampoa Eggs: Scrambled Egg's Luscious Cousin
Whampoa eggs, also known as slippery eggs or Cantonese-style scrambled eggs, refers to a dish that is similar to western scrambled eggs, but includes one important ingredient: cornstarch. Cornstarch keeps the eggs moist and prevents them from overcooking, giving them their signature “slippery” and super-soft texture.
The seasonings in this dish are also unique; western-style scrambled eggs usually stick to salt and pepper, but Cantonese-style eggs often use salt, sugar, white pepper, MSG, Shaoxing wine, sesame oil, and veggies like scallions. YouTube channel Chinese Cooking Demystified explains how to make slippery eggs for first-timers.
Gather five eggs and separate the whites and the yolks; whisk the whites until foamy, then stir the yolks in and add cornstarch and seasonings. The most authentic results come from cooking the eggs in lard, though butter or ghee will do; either way, add the fat to a piping-hot wok and drop the eggs in, where they will begin to puff up.
Once the eggs are puffed up, the pan can be moved off the heat and stirred, then put it back on the heat and repeat the process until the egg mixture is cooked, but still soft and slippery. This dish is usually served over rice, and fun variations on whampoa eggs include adding flank steak, vegetables, shrimp, or other add-ins.