Seafood croquettes on parchment paper
Canned Salmon Is The Secret To Affordable Yet Delicious Croquettes
Watching your wallet doesn't mean sacrificing a tasty meal. While fresh fish is ideal for homemade fish croquettes, canned salmon still makes for a delicious result.
Canned salmon is barely different from fresh when you mash it up, season it, and form it into patties coated in panko breadcrumbs, then serve it with a delicious dip.
Just mix the canned fish with spices, shape into patties, roll in panko, and fry. Customize your croquettes with add-ins like Old Bay, smoked paprika, bell peppers, and shallots.
Make sure to drain the salmon well and pick out bones or skin. Cook each side of your patties for five minutes or until golden brown, then serve with creamy lemon and dill sauce.