Baked ravioli lasagna
Canned Ravioli Is The Absolute Best Hack For No-Frills Lasagna
Canned ravioli isn't often used to prepare other dishes, but you can eliminate a step from your lasagna recipe and save time by using ravioli instead of noodles.
It's easy to add canned ravioli to the casserole. Just treat them like pasta sheets and layer them with sauce, cheese, and meat or vegetables as you usually would.
Try using ravioli filled with meat or seafood, or add protein by cooking ground meat with your tomato sauce for a spin on classic lasagna Bolognese.
You can also use ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, kale, spinach, or butternut squash and pair them with more veggies like onions or eggplant.
Alternatively, frozen and thawed ravioli will work, or you can buy fresh but premade ravioli like
Trader Joe's cacio e pepe or ricotta and lemon options.
Bake the finished casserole in the oven until the cheese is gooey and bubbly, and you'll have a delicious, easy lasagna that took much less time to make than usual.