Baked mushrooms on white plate with seasonings and green garnish and silver spoon
Canned Mushrooms Are So Much Tastier After A Quick Trip To The Air Fryer
The soft texture of canned mushrooms can't rival a firm and fresh portobello or shiitake, but with an air fryer, you can still transform them into a delicious dish.
Air frying is one of the best ways to cook canned mushrooms because it will improve their texture and make them crispier, and takes very little time and effort.
Simply heat up your air fryer to 400 F and drain your mushrooms. You’ll want to pat them dry so they can get extra crispy, then season them with whatever ingredients you’d like.
Once your air fryer is heated, you can cook your seasoned mushrooms for about 8 to 10 minutes. Enjoy them as a delicious side dish that isn't bland or mushy in any way.