Tin of mackerel with mackerel on cutting board
Canned Mackerel Is The Tastier Version Of Tuna You Should Think About
Canned tuna may be the popular go-to when it comes to tinned fish, but if you want more flavor and a less dry texture, try canned mackerel instead.
Fattier than tuna but with a milder flavor than sardines, mackerel offers the best of both worlds, and it's typically canned ready to eat with the skin and bones removed.
Moreover, canned mackerel flakes just as easily as tuna, but its extra fat means it has a better texture and flavor, making it the perfect substitute for tuna in any recipe.
Sub in mackerel in your next tuna salad, tuna melt, or tuna casserole, or get more creative with a mackerel pasta, or a Japanese mackerel rice bowl.
You can find canned mackerel in most grocery stores, whether packed in oil, tomato sauce, spices, or water. Common brands include Patagonia Provisions and Wild Planet Foods.