Lemon sorbet with lemon slices and mint leaves
Canned Fruit Is All You Need To Make Homemade Sorbet In No Time Flat
If you’re craving freshly-made sorbet, you can easily make some any time you want with some canned fruit, a food processor, and just a bit of patience.
Since canned fruit is already peeled, pitted, and sweetened, it makes for the quickest sorbet. It has a flavor that rivals fresh fruit, but is cheaper and lasts way longer.
First, freeze your tin of fruit, then add the juices to the food processor. Give the fruit a rough chop before adding it into the food processor and pulsing until smooth.
Enjoy the sorbet right away or let it firm up in the freezer. To make this recipe even faster, freeze the fruit and syrup in ice cube trays to toss in the food processor any time.
While you can choose any fruit, it’s best to use cans packed in heavy syrup. It mimics the simple syrup found in many sorbet recipes and creates a thick, scoopable texture.
You can get creative with additions like citrus zest, hot sauce, chopped mint or basil, a sprinkle of ginger or clove, or a splash of amaretto or Campari.