Pasta and various canned food items
Canned Foods You Should Be Adding To Pasta
Canned artichokes make a memorable addition to pasta, adding an earthy and tender component to the dish. They also remove the need for any prep work and mess.
The entire dish will be ready in under 40 minutes. Prepare the sauce and heat the artichokes, then let the already cooked and soft artichoke warm against the sauce's heat.
Since canned clams don't require any cleaning or shucking, you can use them in your sauces to add that briny, seafood flavor without all the extra work.
The canned variety is also more affordable than the fresh ones. It's a great option for a balanced meal, with its chewy meatiness elevating pasta's flavor within a few minutes.
Blend canned corn to make a creamy, tasty pasta sauce that you can combine with white wine, cream, or additional spices for dimension.
You can add your choice of herbs, spices, or cheeses to prepare a flavorful sauce. Simply add the drained corn to the pasta once cooked and prepare it as usual.
Sardines have a salty, nuanced flavor, which can add another dimension to your pasta. They taste good in any sauce, whether it's cream, oil, or tomato-based.
You can make almond, dill, and sardine bucatini for a herby pasta, or incorporate it into your favored pasta as a protein component with an umami-packed bite.
When you want to cut the acidity of pasta sauce or need a colorful ingredient, try adding canned carrots, which saves time usually spent on peeling and dicing fresh carrots.
Besides boosting the nutritional value, carrots can give dishes like brussels sprouts fettuccine an ultra-colorful appeal. Simply warm them up lightly and top your pasta with it.