A small pot of milk
Canned Evaporated Milk Is The Key To Creamy Slow Cooker Soup
Evaporated milk, not to be confused with condensed milk, is milk that has half its water content removed via evaporation. It has a rich, toasty flavor and creamy texture.
Unlike some other dairy products, evaporated milk is ideal for adding to slow cooker soups. It won't curdle so long as you don't use high heat, and adds richness to your soup.
Use evaporated milk instead of standard milk or cream in soups like loaded potato, corn chowder, and mushroom bisque to make them creamy yet slow cooker-friendly.
To prevent curdling, use room temperature evaporated milk. While it will enhance the flavor, the milk won't thicken the soup, so add flour or cornstarch for a thicker consistency.