Cooked biscuits piled on a plate
Canned Biscuits Are The Key To Simple Chicken And Dumplings That Still Hit The Spot
To avoid putting in hours of work to achieve the perfect chicken and dumplings, use canned biscuits in your recipe, which allows you to skip quite a few steps.
No matter what kind you use, opt for a buttermilk version, which will have the richest flavor. Form the dough into your preferred shape and drop it in your simmering soup.
Try cutting each biscuit into fourths, or even eighths, before dropping the pieces in your soup so that they cook quickly. You can also cut your dough into strips.
Whichever option you go with, it's crucial to cook the dumplings for the right amount of time so that they are not undercooked or overcooked, which varies depending on size.
This way, you'll have fewer dishes and overall mess, but you'll still get light, fluffy dumplings that are just as tasty as the homemade version.