Carbonara on a fork
Canned Anchovies Are The Solution For Last-Minute Weeknight Carbonara
It’s possible to make a tasty carbonara without guanciale, the cured pork jowl traditionally used in the pasta. Just add canned anchovies for a quick, easy, affordable alternative.
Traditionally, cured pork provides a creamy-savory taste to the sauce, but anchovies are also intensely salty and savory, creating a more seafood-tinged version of carbonara.
Anchovy carbonara is also simpler than the traditional version since the fish is pre-cooked, meaning you won't have to worry about eating undercooked meat.
Heat the anchovies with garlic, red pepper flakes, herbs, and capers for extra saltiness in an oiled pan. Use the oil from the anchovy can or just a neutral oil for more subtlety.
Boil spaghetti and mix it into the pan with the heated anchovies and flavorings, then mix in all of the other carbonara ingredients such as egg yolks to finish.