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Can You Use Metal Utensils On Cast Iron?
Cast iron excels at almost every stovetop task, from searing steak to toasting spices to frying eggs. However, every cook should take care of their cast iron skillet, and myths abound regarding proper maintenance; one of persistent myth is that using metal utensils on your pans will scratch them permanently.
Maintaining your cast iron's natural nonstick coating involves heating the pan with fat, cleaning it well, and drying it thoroughly to prevent rusting, a process called "seasoning." Famous cast iron skillet maker Lodge also points out that cast iron is incredibly durable, so using metal utensils is no issue, as long as you season properly.
Seasoning makes your skillet more resilient, and any scuffs or scratches on the iron will be taken care of during the process. The next time you need to flip a grilled cheese using a metal spatula, or run a butter knife around cornbread in order to loosen it from the pan, have no fear and just keep your cast iron seasoned.