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Can You Substitute White Wine For Red Wine In Tomato Sauce?
Ah, tomato sauce, that infinitely versatile, infinitely customizable condiment that brings rich, fruity, savory flavor and a delightfully thick texture to our favorite pastas, pizzas, meatballs, and other hearty dishes. Adding red wine to your tomato sauce is great for added depth of flavor and acidity, but what about white wine?
It's well known that wine can add bright acidity to tomato sauce, but it helps bring out the sauce's flavor in many ways. The alcohol in wine binds to both water and fat molecules, meaning that a whole range of flavors can be coaxed forward, and this is true for both red and white wines.
Both types of wine will perform that flavor-coaxing magic since both contain alcohol. Red wine gives the sauce a boost of richness and fullness, while white adds fruitiness. The next time tomato sauce is on your to-do list, know that either red or white vino will do the trick.