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Can You Store An Open Jar Of Mayonnaise In The Pantry?
In the United States, mayo racked up $164 million worth in sales in 2021, kicking ketchup to the curb and taking its place as America's favorite condiment. However, like ketchup, it can be confusing to figure out where you should store your mayonnaise after opening it, and whether room temperature is a safe bet or not.
Contrary to popular belief, commercially-produced mayonnaise can be stored in the pantry even after opening. Mayo's high acidity levels slow the growth of bacteria, and commercial brands are usually pasteurized and have preservatives and stabilizers added; conversely, homemade or "natural" mayo must be stored in the fridge.
Even though supermarket mayo is safe to store in the pantry, refrigeration is still the best way to maintain mayo's quality and keep its shelf life as long as possible. Plus, cooler temperatures can minimize oxidation and preserve the mayo even when you accidentally cross-contaminate your jar by sticking unclean utensils inside.