Broccoli on a white surface
Can You Roast Frozen Broccoli Right Out Of The Bag?
When it comes to cooking frozen broccoli, defrosting ahead of time isn't a requirement. You can transfer frozen broccoli straight from the bag and into the oven.
Florets don't take long to heat up and reach a safe-to-eat temperature in the oven, even when frozen. Plus, since frozen broccoli is already cut, you can skip washing and chopping.
Thawing frozen broccoli ahead of time can result in watery veggies. By going straight into the oven, the hot air dissipates much quicker, giving you very crispy results.
To further ensure crispiness, roast the broccoli at 450 degrees F. Despite being frozen, the broccoli florets should only take about 15 minutes to cook.