Close up of a double-yolk egg fried in a heart shape and placed on a nice healthy piece of toast
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Can You Purposefully Buy Double-Yolk Eggs?
There is a lot of superstition surrounding double-yolk eggs because of how rare they are — one in every thousand eggs, to be exact. While it hasn't been proven that double-yolked eggs bring good fortune, they are a welcome surprise to many cooks, and if you prefer your eggs with more yolks to give, you can now buy them that way.
You can now buy a dozen double-yolk eggs in a carton thanks to Sauder's Eggs, an egg producer located in Pennsylvania. The eggs are mostly available in stores along the East Coast of the United States, and would certainly be an advantage for extra-rich frittatas, eggs Benedict, or good old fried eggs with an extra dose of yolk.
Your mind may go wild with ideas if you get your hands on some double-yolked eggs, but stop and think before using them in baked goods or other very precise recipes. An extra yolk means extra fat, which can throw off the balance in recipes that call for a specific number of egg yolks, so maybe play it safe and just use regular eggs.