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Can You
Eat Honeycomb?
Honey is a great sugar alternative one can add to recipes and mix into beverages. Food Network claims that people have been eating honeycomb directly from nature for thousands of years, but are the gummy habitats of bees something to eat, or is it better to stick to syrupy mixtures bottled up on shelves?
Beeswax consists of nearly 300 different compounds, and raw honeycomb contains unfiltered and unprocessed honey that is good for the body. In a study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, researchers concluded that honey could treat gastrointestinal diseases and ulcers and is known to have anti-cancer properties.
Honeycomb may cause an allergic reaction for those with bee allergies, but for those who are allergy-free, Complete Beehives recommends looking for a white or transparent honeycomb that is pliable, as opposed to brittle or stiff. Sample honeycomb on its own, or try pairing it with a food item that enhances the sugary flavor and texture, like cheese or toast.