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Can You Cook Raw Chicken In Soup?
There's nothing quite like a bowl of homemade chicken soup to get warm on a cold winter night or feel better when you're under the weather. Having the right ingredients is the first step to a great bowl, but the cooking can be tricky when it comes to the meat — especially if you want to save time and cook the chicken in the soup.
You can plop some raw chicken into your soup and cook it through by heating up the broth, but it might not be the safest idea. Raw chicken often contains dangerous bacteria, including Campylobacter and Salmonella, which can cause nausea, head and stomach aches, vomiting, and diarrhea; however, there are ways to prevent this.
You can cook the chicken at a high-enough temperature to kill bacteria by turning up the heat on the broth, but for a much safer and tastier method, brown your chicken first. Browning or searing the chicken in a separate pan is not only far more foolproof, but adds richness and extra umami to your soup.