Three layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting
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Can You Bake A Cake In A Rice Cooker?
In an effort to save energy and keep kitchens cool during hot summers, chefs around the world are using rice cookers to make pancakes, bread, poached fruit, and steamed fish. For those who live in spaces that can’t quite accommodate the size of an oven, a rice cooker can even help make your cake-baking dreams come true.
To bake a cake in a rice cooker, line the basin with baking paper before pouring your cake batter inside. You'll have to cook the cake for a bit longer than you would when using an oven, and the exact amount of time needed will largely depend on the batter you use and your particular rice cooker, so check on the cake occasionally.
Baking a cake in a rice cooker won’t yield the exact same results as a cake made in an oven, but the desserts you make will still taste good, and you can decorate them like any other cake. The texture will be a bit different — denser and less fluffy than a traditionally baked cake — but it will still be moist and sweet.