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Can You Actually Open A Wine Bottle With A Shoe?
One of the best ways to unwind after a long day of work is by opening up a bottle of wine and enjoying a glass or two. However, this relaxing rite can quickly become stressful or disappointing when you realize you have no corkscrew, but don’t give up hope just yet, because you can actually open a bottle of wine with a shoe.
To try this ingenious trick, first, remove the foil around the cork, then place the bottle upright in a shoe so that it sits on the heel. Next, find a sturdy wall — preferably outside in case the bottle breaks — and while holding the neck of the bottle and the toe of the shoe, hit the heel of the shoe against the wall until the cork begins to pop out.
For best results, you should use a sturdy shoe like a men’s dress shoe or a boot, and know that this trick won’t work on a plastic cork. If after ten minutes you still don’t see any results, you’re better off trying other tricks like pushing the cork inwards or using a lighter to heat the glass below the cork so hot air forces it out.