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Can Tape Really Help Peel An Egg?
Peeling eggs can be a very difficult task, especially if you don't boil them correctly so that the shells slip right off. There are endless tips and tricks that claim to make this task easier, but one of the most unique methods only requires one tool: packing tape.
The tape peeling method involves boiling and chilling your eggs as usual, then grabbing some packing tape and wrapping the circumference of each egg in tape. Next, roll the eggs either on a countertop or in your palm gently, but with enough pressure to slightly crack the shell, and finally, slowly peel off the tape.
If everything goes well, the shell should all come off in one go, except for the top and bottom pieces, but these easily slide off. Staff at The Kitchn tested this method and noted that it may not work super-seamlessly, but if you always bungle peeling your boiled eggs, this trick is still worth a try.