Negroni, an unforgivable IBA (international bartender association) cocktail, with 1/3 gin, 1/3 bitter, 1/3 vermut (or vermouth), in colorful and rich contemporary style. Also Americano cocktail.
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Can Sipping Vermouth Solo Make You Tipsy?
Vermouth is a type of fortified wine with an added boost in the form of a distilled spirit incorporated during the winemaking process. It is notable for its herbs and botanicals, and there are two categories of vermouth: dry and sweet, and both are amazing in cocktails or just sipped on by themselves.
While dry vermouth is best known for the role it plays in the classic martini, it’s often served by itself as an aperitif in France where it is well loved due to its bitter and woodsy taste. On the other hand, sweet vermouth is a warmer blend with flavor notes that include chamomile, juniper, and saffron.
It’s important to note that as subtle as it is, sipping vermouth by itself can still make you tipsy if you drink enough. According to Flaviar, vermouth is 20% alcohol (40 proof), making it a somewhat lighter alternative to tequila, which averages at 40% to 45% alcohol (80 to 90 proof), so please sip responsibly.