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Can It Be Dangerous To Eat Kiwi Skin?
The most common variety of kiwifruit has brown, fuzzy skin surrounding green flesh. Typically, people peel kiwis before eating them, but for those of us who want extra fiber in our diet or like to toss whole fruits in our smoothie blender when we're in a rush, there's the question of whether or not kiwi skin is safe to eat.
Despite the odd, fuzzy texture of some varieties, the skin on all breeds of kiwifruit is indeed edible, and the brown peels are packed with antioxidants and vitamins C and E. Eating kiwis with the skin attached also increases the fruit's fiber content by 50%, and increases its vitamin E and folate content by more than 30%.
If you're wary about the outer texture of a fresh kiwi, just run it under water and use a towel to rub off some of the prickly bits. Some varieties of kiwi come with smooth, hairless skins, and if you're still wary of feeling that fuzz on your tongue, thoroughly puree your kiwis whole before putting them to use.