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Can Freezer Burned Food Make You Sick?
Many foods and ingredients, such as frozen fruit, unsalted butter, whole poultry, and steaks, can have their shelf lives extended by a freezer from eight months to a year. Food that has been frozen for a long time, however, almost always develops some freezer burn.
The good news is that, as long as frozen food is consumed within its safety window, freezer burn does not render items hazardous to eat or raise the risk of foodborne illness. However, freezer burn affects the taste and texture of food, with meats being the most affected.
To counteract these off-flavors and textures, cut out severely freezer-burned parts before or after cooking, or boil meats in broth while seasoning them with herbs. Use plastic wrap and zip-top bags to seal out as much air as you can to avoid freezer burns.