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Can Eating Lemon Rinds Make You Sick?
Lemon rind isn’t exactly considered an appealing food; in fact, many people don’t consider it food at all. However, eating lemon rinds has become popular amongst frugal cooks, reducing food waste and adding extra nutrition and flavor to certain dishes — but you still might wonder, is it really safe to eat something that usually goes in the garbage?
The Center for Food Safety states that eating lemon rinds or other citrus rinds is generally okay and won't make you sick, as long as you stick to organic (AKA pesticide-free) and unwaxed fruit. Lemon rinds may not be as versatile as the fruit, but they work great as a citrus-y garnish on a cocktail or as an addition to enhance your favorite risotto.
Healthline adds that lemon rind isn’t just safe to eat, but it's also healthy for you; the rinds contain vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients, and can support a healthy heart, digestive system, and immune system. One study published by the National Institutes of Health suggests that the antibacterial properties of lemon rinds can even prevent oral diseases.