A Moscow mule surrounded by copper cups
Campfire Mules Are The Blazing Cocktails Ready To Warm Your Soul
To give your Moscow mule the campfire upgrade, all you need to do is swap a few ingredients, but what truly makes this drink fiery is the smoky, toasted marshmallow garnish on top.
Besides the garnish, a campfire mule uses bourbon or whiskey instead of vodka, maple syrup instead of mint syrup, and lemon juice instead of lime juice.
To make the toasted marshmallow garnish, roast marshmallows over a fire or in a fireplace, if you have one. You can also use a blow torch or hold them on a stick over a gas stove.
As an alternative, you could use a mix of marshmallow-flavored vodka and crème brûlée liqueur (which has vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar flavors) instead of whiskey or bourbon.
If you’re not a fan of whiskey or bourbon, you can also make this drink with amaretto, classic vodka, rum, or a smoky mezcal. For an extra-fiery twist, use Fireball.