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Cake Pops Aren't The Only Way To Use Leftover Cake Crumbs
If you’ve ended up with more leftover cake than you bargained for, you might plan on turning uneaten slices into a batch of cake pops. Since cake pops require cake crumbs to make, you’re already halfway there with no extra effort; however, there's another way to use these crumbs that is perfect for chocolate lovers.
If you love the rich taste of truffles, try making an irresistible batch of leftover cake truffles. Unlike traditional truffles made with chocolate and cream, this variation is essentially a ball of icing and cake crumbs doused in a chocolate coating, and can be made using any flavor of cake or chocolate you have on hand.
Icing binds the cake together and keeps the truffles from falling apart, so make sure you have enough on hand before mixing it with your cake. Cake truffles without the chocolate dip set in the freezer in about 10 minutes; after that, dip them in a high-quality chocolate and return them to the freezer until the coating is firm, and enjoy.