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Café Con Leche Is A Simple Milky Coffee Drink To Make At Home
A creamy way to shake up your coffee routine, café con leche is a caffeinated classic made from equal parts espresso and scalded milk.
The beverage is a mainstay in Spain, where coffee was first brought by invading Arabs in the year 711, then reintroduced into Spanish homes in the mid-1700s to great popularity.
Today, café con leche can be found in many Spanish-speaking countries. The Cuban version packs a sugary punch, while it's meant to be an after-dinner digestif in Spain.
Preparing café con leche at home and customizing it involves just a few simple steps. First, use a moka pot or French press to brew a potent shot of coffee.
An espresso or dark roast should do the trick, but make sure the coffee is finely ground so it packs the right caffeinated punch. Aim for a 1:10 ratio of coffee to water.
Next, scald the milk with a steamer or by boiling it on a stovetop. Whole milk is the best-tasting option, cutting through the coffee’s acidity to give the drink its famed smooth body.
To add a Spanish flair, enjoy your café con leche in a small glass. This is customary in Spain, and no one's stopping you from adding some sugar for a Cuban take as well.