Bratwursts with rosemary on a fork
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Buying Bratwursts Pre-Cooked Is A Waste Of Flavor
Pre-cooked bratwursts from the grocery store are often flavored to replicate the taste of freshly grilled brats, but grilling your own bratwursts ensures you get the best flavor.
If you buy pre-cooked brats to save time, there is a better option. Simply parboil the sausages on the stove so they are partially cooked and then finish them on the grill.
To make sure bratwursts maintain all of their flavors while cooking, never poke holes in the casing. The brat’s juices will leak from the holes, leaving behind a dry sausage.
Another hazard is cooking the brats at too high of a heat, resulting in them bursting open and losing those precious flavor-packed juices.
When using a grill, cooking the brats slowly is critical. Ideally, the grill should be set to medium heat, or in the case of a charcoal grill, the coals should be mature.
Turn the brats over so that all sides are exposed to the heat. Then, continue to cook until the internal temperature reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit and they are ready to eat.