A carafe of buttermilk being poured into a glass
Buttermilk Is The Creamy Ingredient To Use For Juicier Pork Sausage
When creating the perfect breakfast, few things rival the allure of a sizzling pork sausage patty, and you can take your patty to the next level with buttermilk.
To harness the full potential of buttermilk in your homemade pork breakfast sausage, begin by marinating the ground pork in buttermilk and seasonings for at least a few hours.
The extended marination allows the enzymes in the buttermilk to work their magic, tenderizing the meat and infusing it with a subtle tanginess that complements the herbs and spices.
Once seasoned, sear the patties in a skillet, and the buttermilk-infused meat will take on a beautifully caramelized crust while retaining its juiciness.