Toasted bagels with cream cheese and a knife on wooden surface
Butterfly Cut Your Next Bagel For Excellent Sharing
Toppings on bagels like sesame seeds or "everything" seasoning are sprinkled only on the top half, which can be unfair if you’re sharing. Solve this by "butterflying" your bagel.
Instead of making the standard bagel cut, cut it in half like you would a sandwich. With the whole bagel facing up, slice down the middle to create two C-shaped halves.
Next, slice each half in a butterfly fashion, like you would a chicken breast, but only slice about three-quarters of the way through so you can open the bagel up.
The bagel is now the perfect shape to toss in the toaster or spread with cream cheese. This way, you can split a bagel with someone else and you both get some of the toppings.