Butter powder with yellow wooden spoon
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Butter Powder Is The Underrated Staple Ingredient You Want In Your Pantry
If you need to save a lackluster meal, or just want to add extra dairy-forward richness to food, butter powder is the underrated yet versatile ingredient you should look for.
Butter powder can add a milky richness to any meal, and with its long shelf-life, it’s a reliable and convenient pantry staple. It's made by dehydrating butter in a hot chamber.
You can also make it at home by mixing melted butter with milk powder and blending until you get a fine powder. You can add it directly to baked goods, mashed potatoes, and more.
The dry powder also makes an excellent popcorn topping, a finishing seasoning for veggies and meat, and folded into mac and cheese for a richer, more dairy indulgent flavor.
Butter powder must be rehydrated to use it as a sauce or substitute for fresh melted butter. It doesn't taste the same as fresh butter, but still works for drizzling over foods.