A cut up stick of butter next to a butter knife.
Butter Is The Reason Amish Baked Goods Are So Delicious
From friendship bread to shoofly pie, the Amish are famous for their delicious baked goods, and liberal use of butter is partly responsible for the special flavor of these treats.
Amish-made butter is already unique and high-quality on its own, but the Amish like to make it even more flavorful when it's time to spread it on homemade bread and other goods.
Traditional Amish butter contains over 80% butterfat, which brings an extra level of richness for a creamy, robust spread to be added directly into and on top of baked goods.
To make it even better, the Amish often make compound butters by mixing the spread with flavorful additions like fruits, herbs, spices, garlic, and more.
You can even make your own Amish-style compound butter at home by purchasing the butter from a local supplier (and some Amish baked goods to pair it with, too).
Since Amish butter is typically sold in large, rolled logs instead of sticks, it's hard to tell exactly how much you're cutting off, so use a kitchen scale to measure it properly.
After cutting off some butter from the log, allow it to come to room temperature so it's soft, then mix in flavors by hand or with equipment like a blender or food processor.
Grape and apple butter are Amish classics to be paired with sweets, while garlic, herbs, and spices provide a savory kick to buttered bread served at dinnertime.