Julia Child cutting vegetables in kitchen
Butter Is The Key To Julia Child's Crispy Roast Chicken
Roast chicken is always a tantalizing dish with its simplicity and delicious flavor, but achieving perfect crispy chicken skin can be difficult, unless you use Julia Child’s tip.
The beloved chef's secret to crispy chicken was a generous amount of butter, which you rub on the skin after thoroughly drying the outside of the chicken with paper towels.
To ensure even crisping as it roasts, Child said to rotate the chicken and let it cook on each side for five minutes each, while basting it with its own rendered fat and butter.
The basting will keep the chicken juicy and ensure the heat is more evenly distributed, while patting the chicken dry first will remove moisture that could make the skin soggy.
While this method is sure to create crispy skin, Child warned against accidentally breaking the chicken skin while rotating the bird, so be extra gentle when handling it.